All About Scentsy Wax

We use a custom, high-quality paraffin wax blend. Our wax blend is designed for a specific scent load and melt point. Scentsy fragrances typically contain a mixture of natural and synthetic fragrance oils. ALLERGY FRIENDLY.

Q. Do I use a whole Scentsy Bar at a time?
A. Scentsy Bars come in eight break-apart sections. One or more sections can be used at a time according to preference. Wax will not dissipate and should be replaced when the fragrance is gone.

Q. How long with Scentsy Candle Bars last?
A. They will last between 50-80 hours. However, some have lasted longer. It depends on the strength of the fragrance.

Q. How hot does the wax get when warmed?
A. the wax will get to just above body temperature, so it won’t burn or harm anyone.

Q. How do I clean the wax out of the warmer?
A. While the wax is melted, pour it back into the container it came in (if you want to reuse it later) and wipe the warmer with some paper towels or napkins and pop in your new Scentsy Candle Bar.

How to Remove Wax From Carpet, Fast and Easy!

Brittany Plummer
Independent Scentsy Consultant
Stevens Point, WI

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