Scentsy’s Warmer and Scent of the Month for June 2012

Warmer of the Month – Scentsy’s Angler Full-Size Warmer

Do you love to fish or know someone who does? For June 2012 Scentsy has come out with the Angler Full-Size Warmer!  It is the Warmer of the Month for June 2012.  Angler is 10% off for the entire month 0f June! What a great deal!

A warmer worthy of a great outdoorsman — Dad! Trout and hand-tied flies are etched onto a natural sandstone background, capped with a river-green glass warmer dish.


Great Father’s Day Gift!

Scent of the Month – Lotus Clove

Dive into a crystalline pool of cool water tucked into a secluded cove. Lotus Cove is a splash of sea air, earthy lavender, and water flowers anchored by rustic driftwood.

Lotus Clove is available in a Scentsy Bar, Scentsy Room Spray and Scentsy Scent Circle!

Brittany Plummer

Independent Scentsy Consultant

Stevens Point, WI USA



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