Send Them Off with a Pal! Scentsy Buddies Large and Small!

Scentsy Buddy

Send Them off With a Pal

Whether they’re off to camp or a sleepover next door, kids can always use a friend from home! Give the gift of a Scentsy Buddy, and help the kids in your life feel comfortable — wherever they may be! Is your little one a mischievous little monkey? Give them a kindred spirit in Mollie the Monkey! Do they love to jump and dance around? Let them hop alongside Ribbert the Frog! Are they the sweetest hug bug in the world? Let them cuddle with Lenny the Lamb! Each loveable companion carries a big dose of sweet fragrance and an even bigger dose of cozy comfort. Shop the entire collection of Buddies and baby Buddies to find just the right friend.

The Scentsy Buddy is the perfect cuddly companion, always ready with a big dose of comforting fragrance. Just insert a Scent Pak into its zippered pocket to bring your Buddy to life with scrumptious scent! For children ages 3 years and up. Each includes one Scent Pak.


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