Bring Back My Bar July 2012!

These retired favorite scents are back by popular demand for the month of July only. Stock up now on all your favorite scents before they are gone! $5 each.

Bring Back My Bar (Click this link or the picture above to shop NOW!)

Bring Back My Bar Sampler            $85.00 Always Scentsy Bar Banana Nut Bread Scentsy Bar Cashmere Scentsy Bar Cinco de Mayo Scentsy Bar
Citrus Sun Tea Scentsy Bar Cranberry Mango Scentsy Bar Cranberry Muffin Scentsy Bar Cutiepie Cupcake Scentsy Bar Fresh Cut Grass Scentsy Bar
Fried Ice Cream Scentsy Bar Go-Go-Goji Scentsy Bar Grape Granita Scentsy Bar Lemon Lavender Scentsy Bar Luscious Lemon Scentsy Bar
Maui Mist Scentsy Bar Mulberry Bush Scentsy Bar Orange Dreamsicle Scentsy Bar Pineapple Paradise Scentsy Bars Rustic Lodge Scentsy Bar
Watermelon Patch Scentsy Bar

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