ScenTrend 2012 Available until December 31st! 10% Off!

You only have until Dec. 31, 2012, to purchase any of this year’s ScenTrend products. Pink Pepper, Pixie, and Neverland will retire at the end of the year to make way for ScenTrend 2013.

Stock up on these sweet and spicy fragrances before they’re gone!
To learn more about ScenTrend 2012, visit

What is scentrend2012

“We know Scentsy lovers are passionate about fragrance, so we developed ScenTrend 2012 to help our customers stay on top of the latest trends. We tested, analyzed, and worked with our experts and international fragrance houses to identify the up-and-coming fragrance note for 2012—Pink Pepper.”

Pink Pepper Scentsy Bar

Fruity, floral, and feisty Pink Pepper is a comforting yet contemporary scent — and the latest trend in home fragrance.

Brittany Plummer

Independent Scentsy Consultant

Stevens Point, WI USA



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