April: Big Apple Warmer and a Fragrance that Welcomes Spring!

Warmer of the Month – Scentsy’s Big Apple Premium Warmer

For April 2013 Scentsy has come out with an artistic Big Apple Premium Warmer!  It is the Warmer of the Month for April 2013 and is 10% off for the entire month 0f February!

Big Apple is a three-piece warmer with amazing, hand-painted details. Topped with a pair of glossy green leaves, it looks so good you might be tempted to take a bite! Big Apple uses a 20-watt light bulb.

Scent of the Month – Sunny & Share

A sunny shore washed clean by a spring shower — soft sea air, golden citrus, and dewy driftwood scattered with white beach daisies.

Sunny & Share is available in a Scentsy Bar and Scentsy Room Spray!

Brittany Plummer

Independent Scentsy Consultant

Stevens Point, WI USA




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